Clark County Jail is situated in Clark County, Las Vegas. It was founded in 1860 and is deemed among the oldest jails inside the region. The jail has very an fascinating history. Originally built of wood; the jail was started in a low population area of what is now called Clark County, Las Vegas. The jail's first sheriff was A.H. Sheffield, and he came up with the concept of putting the prisoners to function to pay his salary. This really is where the concept of chain gangs came from. In our sophisticated society, we now call this prison labor or function release. His salary in the time was a paltry $1.50 each day for supervising the delinquents; however at the time that was more than adequate to pay his bills. 

By the time 1885 rolled about, the jail was rebuilt to make space to accommodate a home for the jailer inside the jail. The holding facility for the prisoners was made into the basement of the jailer's property, along with a new jail was built around the jailer’s new house. This new and improved jail was also a holding tank for those of the questionable mental capabilities until they could undergo a psychological evaluation. A courthouse was also added towards the jail. Feel of how convenient that need to have created things for law enforcement! Just, two years later the newly constructed jail caught fire from faulty developing difficulties. There were only six prisoners in the time, and they were all saved from the fire and only suffered a couple of burns and minor injuries. 

Moving forward to 1925, as the county's population grew so did the number of crimes. Therefore, the jails had to hold much more criminals. In 1930, the jail housed at least 527 criminals for that year alone. The price to feed a prisoner was among ten and fifteen cents per meal. In 1941, the jail was once once again rebuilt and expanded to support the growing day-to-day population. On typical, the jail was getting among 40 to 70 criminal delinquents every day. 

Fast Forwarding to 1994, it was determined that so that you can support the improve in demand for space and to stop overcrowding, that a minimum of a 1,200 extra beds could be needed by 2015. In present day 2011 to assist handle overcrowding, after many cuts within the budget; the jail has managed to delay the need to have to eliminate numerous important staff positions. They've also been able to add on about 100 added beds. 

As Clark County continues to grow and expand, so does the need for more space inside the Clark County Jail to keep hazardous individuals off with the streets. Thus, far the jail has been and continues to be a beacon of hope to preserve the civilians with the county safe as it has for more than 160 years. 

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